12 Everyday Bags Under $400

10 March

When it comes to everyday bags, I always gravitate to a neutral palette, soft but structured leather, and an interesting detail or two. I appreciate a simplistic design, that’s both beautiful and functional over anything flashy. There are so many amazing new brands popping up, and spring inventory is very strong this year. Don’t you think? My wish list is next level (also in case you haven’t visited my shop, it’s been updated this week!).

This pretty little number above is the newest addition to my closet. I discovered Kozha Numbers recently on Need Supply Co. and instantly crushed on the architecture of each creation they make. I feel like it’s a conversation bag, because it’s very unique, and I love that. //  This bucket bag is similar to my Mansur bag, and I really love the stark white. I don’t own any light hue bags and would love to bring something like this home for the rest of summer.

Some things to consider when picking out the perfect bag:

  • Quality. Notice the texture of the leather or fabric.  
  • Simplicity.  The less going on the better, but have some details that elevate your look.
  • Easy to style.  The bag should be versatile enough to go with anything.
  • Genuinely love.  Bags can be an investment.   Be sure you won’t get sick of it if you’re wearing it a lot.


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