2019 Reflecting: Photos, Thoughts, and Intentions for the Year Ahead

I hope your holiday break is off to the best start! I just wanted to pop in one last time to reflect a bit on this past year before I take a mini blog break. Until Jan 1 of course… January Mood will be kicking things off as usual and I am very excited to start fresh in a new decade!

I have said this a few times lately, but this really has been the most incredible, happy, fulfilling year of my life. The year Matt and I got married! All the bridal things – my bridal shower and bachelorette. Our Italian honeymoon, Sydney, many wine country trips, countless pizza Fridays… it all was pure magic. And BoC… by far the best year of my career as well.

2018 wasn’t an easy one for me, it was beyond challenging at times, but I think it made me appreciate all the good things that came this year that much more. I really do believe that failure, challenges, and setbacks are blessings in disguise and navigate us to where we’re supposed to be, help us to grow and uncover things about ourselves, and push us to be better in the long run.

I had hefty intentions for 2019 and I’m really proud of myself for sticking with them. I made self-care (physical and mental health) a top priority. I decided to be much more intentional with my everyday actions and routines to reflect the kind of life I want to lead and the person I want to show up as. I’ve pared down the fluff in every aspect of my life, to focus on the things that bring me the most joy. And in return, I’ve never felt more in-tune and in touch with myself and my work.

I’ve learned to show up for myself first so that I can show up for others.

I’ve always loved connecting with people who read BoC, but this year it’s become a prominent part of my job and the heartbeat of my blog, really! I have been thinking about how much my readers give back to me. I get the nicest messages daily thanking me for recs, inspiration, etc., but it’s very much a two-way street! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been impacted by the positive people who reach out to me. Just this week I had an epiphany after reading this note:

“You are the epitome of the quote “find what you love, and do that”. It seems you’ve transitioned almost all aspects of your love to only things that bring you joy, even if it’s just only admiring the beauty of an old building while running errands. I very truly admire this mentality. Thank you for continuing to be such a ray of genuine light”.

I hadn’t really thought about it, because I share as I go. I don’t have a strategy or a super structured process or cadence with content. But this comment is exactly why I had one of the best years of my life with my work. I let go of the pressure and mentality of “I should be doing x and z to be successful”. I decided to remove all expectations from the table and just follow my heart, gut, and stay laser-focused on what makes me happy. It has led me to a stronger, more fine-tuned purpose. My content is more refined than ever before because I stick with what I love and create from within. Find what you love, and do that is exactly right. I do things my own way, I do whatever the hell I want! 2019 is night and day to how I felt in 2018… and you have given me this gift and helped me get here. So thank you!

When you lead from within, you end up finding your most authentic self.

Brunch on Chestnut has blossomed into something so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I have been sharing my thoughts and inspirations on the internet since I was 16 years old, and it’s always made me happy. However, the last few years of focusing on my blog fulltime have made me realize that this platform has evolved into something much more powerful beyond a feel-good creative outlet. BoC has helped shape me into the person I am today, has cultivated a readership of the kindest community, and is a tool to inspire, connect, and empower.

As for my intentions for 2020. I want to continue focusing on the good in my life. My family and friends, connecting with my readers, pushing myself with my curiosities, and putting my energy into things I love every. single. day.

I will see you in 2020! Have the most wonderful break and new year xx

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