4 Beauty Products to Invest In

24 May

Last month I did some damage, but for good reason. A friend of mine said it best (justifying to her husband), spending more money than we’d like on beauty products is worth it because it’s your face! I’ve already shared my love for a couple of these products via Instagram, but wanted to give you an update since I’ve been avidly using each of these for the past month, and am praying that they never reach the bottom of the bottle. My skin is feeling and looking better than ever, and waking up and getting ready for bed have become a much more enjoyable part of my day because I’m noticing the difference and I’m wanting to keep this up! Plus, they are totally worth eating ramen for this month…

01. Chanel Le Weekend
As I mentioned here, this product has quickly become a favorite. You’re supposed to use it a couple of times a week, hence the name, for a balanced and brighter complexion. It’s a very light lotion that smoothes over your skin beautifully and goes a long way. I actually do use this just on the weekend, and it makes it easy for me to go make-up free on Saturday and Sunday.

02. La Mer Cleansing Foam
Bringing a new meaning to ‘squeaky clean’. My skin has never felt so noticeably fresh after washing my face. I usually will remove my makeup with a wipe before using this to get the full effect of the tonic which purifies, refreshes, and balances my skin. I’m obsessed.

03. Jo Malone Peony & Suede Blush
So, I know this isn’t on the subject of skincare, but I am in love with this scent. I tried it several years back, and recently fell back in love and can’t get enough. Jo Malone just moved into the Marina, and I’ve already been in 3 times since last month. Their products are high quality, they last, and the compliments I receive are countless. High up on my favorites list right now.

04. La Mer Perfecting Treatment
This cream is like butter. After using the Cleansing Foam, applying a thin layer to my skin feels like heaven. I am so in love with this stuff that I recently started to add a tiny dab to my foundation when applying a little for evenings out to keep my skin feeling fresh. It’s amazing – not oily, light, and I am seeing the huge impact on my skin already. They call it the perfecting treatment for nothing!

I’d love to know if you have any current favorite beauty secrets. Let me know!


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