5 Ways to Get Organized For 2018

23 December

I always have fun putting together holiday content, but I’m excited to shift the focus ahead on 2018 this week; sharing my plans and goals and prepping for a clean plate come week one. Admin tasks are usually not my jam, but when it comes to a fresh start, I’m energized and ready to GSD! We are busy bees this week leading up to family arriving on Saturday, so excited to get ahead. Here’s what’s on our action item list:

Digital Cleanup

Lately, I’ve noticed that half my inbox gets trashed without me even opening, so I decided to cut through all the clutter and unsubscribe. I swear, I didn’t sign up for half of them myself, anyway… killin’ me Gucci. If you start doing this now, each day you’ll knock another handful out, so come the new year, you’ll mostly see the things you actually want to read. Next up? My desktop, Dropbox, iPhone apps and photo album could use some attention. And then we’ll move on to social media. I always go through each platform and tidy my profile up a bit, refresh who I wish to follow, etc. I’m personally looking forward to a less is more state of mind next year. Less busy, complicated, and distracting. On that note, thank you so much if you’ve subscribed to my weekly newsletter! I appreciate you making room for me in your inbox– I know how precious that real estate is so hopefully you enjoy them. If you ever have feedback or certain things you’d like to see, my door is always open!

Closet Refresh

Matt and I have slowly outgrown all of our closets. I’m starting to feel like a hoarder, so that’s about to change! One of my goals this week is to thoroughly clean them out and get rid of/donate things we don’t need. I love having a clutter-free, organized closet– so even though it’s a total pain in the butt and will take up a few hours of my week, it’s always worth it. My closet, Matt’s, and two hallway closets…wish me luck.

Organize Your Desk

I also am planning to organize my desk, start thinking about my taxes, and toss any extra paperwork, etc. floating around. I got a cute new file holder so am going to get that in order as well. Basically, I am going to Marie Kondo the shit out of everything over here…

Deep Clean Your Home

I always clean my apartment from top to bottom before a trip, so we can come home to a happy space. I’m sure we’ll be tired after all of the holiday shenanigans and New Years up in Tahoe, so I’m aiming to make things at home as easy as possible upon arrival back. It feels so good walking in the door to an immaculately sparkly and organized space. Clean sheets, and all!

Get yourself a new 2018 agenda

Treat yourself to a new planner! Fill in a few ideas you have or goals for the first week of January– so that week one, you have a plan. I know when I get back from fun trips sometimes, it’s harder for me to ease back into work mode, so ideating a few exciting things to work on will help.

How do you prepare for the first week of 2018? Would love to know!


love love love this advice—i’m doing all of this this weekend! xo