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Kind of a random thought, but wanted to open up for a minute. I was listening to a podcast recently, and they were talking about connection deficiency. I felt it really resonated with me as I am a new(ish) mom, live in suburbia, and run my own business. I don’t have team meetings (a partner call here and there, of course), coworker friendships, boss feedback, etc. I’ve realized that my role these days can sometimes feel a bit lonely. While living in the city, I had such a nice social calendar. Friends who were walking distance, girls nights plugged into my calendar weekly, and just access to more things to do at ease therefor opportunities to connect with people I crossed paths with daily.

I am still very much getting used to this lifestyle change, and it made me realize how much I appreciate hearing from you. Emails, DM’s, and through my AK Studio community forum. It has been such a light for me this past year. Just wanted to mention this / thank you / and share that if you ever feel like saying hello or sending a question my way, my blog comments are always open!

Saying this also because I know that sometimes reaching out to someone you don’t know can be kind of daunting, especially if you’re the person who never does. I feel this way too! I have sent notes in the past to a few who I don’t know personally and half the response weren’t always the warmest. Just a note to say I’m nice! And that I am here to help when I can and always happy to connect. xx

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Hi Ash! Love this. As someone who works from home full-time and lives in a remote community without many social connections, I completely connect with your sentiments. Something I think people don’t realize is how much effort it takes to create a sense of normalcy when in these situations. Scheduling catch ups with friends, finding ways to socialize, etc. aren’t as effortless as they were in my city life. For example, I can’t pop over to a friends house, I have to plan months in advance and hope we don’t need to reschedule. All this to say, your presence online is such a support for me, and I know I’m not alone with my feelings. It feels nice to look forward to your posts, and feel like I’m connected to a larger community online.

Aw thank you! And I completely agree. It takes a lot more work! I didn’t even really realize it for a long time because (well, pandemic) I have been in autopilot with trying to carry on through a lot of life changes… and it hit me recently! Definitely going to do better about getting out more, planning more calls, and adding to my social calendar. But yes, super grateful for this community, too. Has helped so much make my role feel less lonely! x

Love this, Ashley! I love DMing you on Insta and love the community forum for studio members, but also am wary of taking up too much of your time. So lovely to know you enjoy those interactions! X

Always appreciate it! Thank you, Chelsea! x