I decided to create an area of my site where each Monday of the month, I launch a little roundup of things which will continue to grow through Friday! You’ll be able to access everything all week, and in real time. I am always browsing and saving gems, so thought this would make a little more sense!

And if you guys enjoy this, maybe I can bring back Friday5… and just highlight 5 of my very top favorite picks from the week? Would love to hear your thoughts!

So, to access this, mouse over ‘the shop’ on my menu and you’ll see Weekly Things… and there’s a bunch saved already!

Hope you have a lovely rest of your day xx


I like the switch. And YES, please bring back Friday 5!! It was my absolute fav. Also, I feel like Friday 5 usually had a good mix of home finds as well as clothing, but with the finds list you have been doing I haven’t spotted many home things.
But whatever you choose, I’m a forever follower. <3 Just sharing my 2 cents. : *

Hi! Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Today I was mainly browsing fashion finds but it will definitely be a mix, I will actually add some home things I’ve found recently now! Thanks so much for your feedback, lady 💛 x

Yes, please bring back Friday 5!! I love it. I also like this new option of curating one big section for the ~lucky~ finds. xo

You got it. 🙂