knit pullover (in size xs)
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This time of year can quickly pick up speed. It can feel heavy at times and overwhelming. The to do-s, the rushing, the packed calendar…. can get the best of us. I don’t want to throw myself into the madness of it all. I want a slow-paced season… an autumn that is as soft as possible.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot, and have mentioned here and there, is that we humans tend to overcomplicate things sometimes. Especially these days, it’s easy to do. But what I’ve learned is that you have to keep paring down and coming back to — what truly matters at the end of the day? My family, friends, and focusing on the things I enjoy/the way I lead my life so that it’s full of inspiration—that’s all I really need and what feeds my soul.

The leaves changing before our eyes! The crisp air that chills your cheeks. The comfort of a piping hot coffee or a family recipe. Jazz playing while you cruise the golden tree-lined street. Layered up and bundled on the sofa watching old favorite films. The way lighting a candle and dimming the lights at night makes you feel. The sound of red wine being poured. Twinkle lit cities and festive party plans. Life in general, this time of year is about enjoyment. So don’t forget to do just that! x


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