When I think about what makes me the most excited about fall, the first thing that comes to mind is cozy gatherings with good friends and family. I live for this time of year, so when I have the chance to plan for an all-out festive get-together, I take it. Plus, it’s a good reason to test out a few new recipes and open up a nice bottle of vino. I love to really go for it, spend all morning cleaning up and prepping, designing place settings, and crossing my fingers that all dishes align nicely with timing. In my humble opinion, this evening was a success!


This dinner was inspired by not only the welcoming of fall leaves and feels but also my beautiful new glass and dishware from Zola. I mentioned recently how I collaborated with them in this post on Instagram. Well, the love fest continues, because I am completely blown away by their quality brands. I even decided to start completely fresh with all of our wine, water, and cocktail glasses because, upon arrival, they set the new bar very high.

If you’re unfamiliar with Zola– they are a universal wedding registry that allows you to register for products, experiences and cash funds all in one place. They house countless companies I adore, like Williams-Sonoma, and then also a few new products I was so excited to discover– including these new wine glasses that I cannot get enough of. So many compliments, so little time. You can shop copper KitchenAids or gift your engaged friends a Soul Cycle class on their honeymoon, the sky’s the limit with Zola, and I love it.


Last week on Thursday morning, I ran to the market to pick up ingredients and spent most of the day in the kitchen. By the way, I have a deeper respect for food bloggers/photographers…prepping, cooking, setting up, snapping shots was SO messy and time-consuming–but absolutely worth it once everyone arrived and we sat down to dig in. This may have been my favorite hostess experience to date…


Just like when you go to a nice restaurant that specializes in culinary cocktails that you just can’t miss out on– I like to start things off the same way. Pick an in-season fruit and test out a couple of recipes to share when your guest arrive– it’s the perfect warm welcome. My girlfriends and I share a common palette that prefers wine over anything else, but it’s fun to start with a festive sip before cracking open a bottle or two. Plus, your cocktail coupes can get some good usage!


We had such a lovely night and I’m now craving that bread as I stare and type…

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I am so looking forward to a few more dinners in the next couple of months.

PS. I have to share the rustic bread recipe because everyone needs this for all dinners, every season. 

Fluffy Sourdough Roll
Olive Oil

Slice the bread almost all the way to the bottom, but leave the ends attached so it’s still in one piece. Melt 1tbsp butter in a pan and add 1 tsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of garlic and brush on the top of the bread. Cover the roll in tin foil and pop into the oven for 20 minutes. OMG, it’s so good– I’m craving it now!

Cheers to fall and happy almost Friday!


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What a gorgeous table setting and LOVE those wine glasses and the coupe. Well done!!

Thank you! It was a blast and I am loving the glasses as well. 🙂 x