A Wedding Registry Guide

At long last, let’s talk wedding registry.

Registries are tough… I definitely struggled a bit, it’s hard to decide when it’s on the spot, scrolling through a few select registry sites. Wedding planning, in general, is a lot to take on, so I want to share my learnings with you and talk about some of my most loved/used items, as well as some of the things I would add to my registry now. Hoping this is a helpful guide to those looking to build their dream registry!

Matt and I registered at March SF, Hudson | Grace, Williams-Sonoma, and Zola and loved them all! I loved how Zola has so many brands under their roof and honeymoon funds which we focused on a lot. I had NO idea that you could register at The Knot and include links to items from anywhere on the web and honey funds as well! Had to share this news (in case you didn’t know either!) – Kristin (one of my contributors who you’ll meet below!) told me about this and I was mind-boggled… brilliant!

I’m excited to introduce you to my design-forward friends in this post to help share some registry ideas as well. I don’t follow many people on Instagram these days but these lovely humans endlessly inspire me. They all have such distinct style and taste and such a strong sense of their individually unique personal aesthetics. It shows in their work and every piece of content they put out into the universe. So I wanted their take on registries as well!

I discovered Liz many years ago from a home tour she had on Domino that I ended up featuring on my blog. Still one of my very favorites! I stumbled upon Kristin (I believe) through Liz, as she was living in Charleston at the time, too and after Liz’s home tour I fell in love with Charleston homes. I love Kristin’s style and watching her nest in their dreamy new house. A year or so ago I was reading The Maryn and discovered Emily who was working there at the time and fell for her vintage-driven style as well. And funny enough, I found Glenn through The Maryn! They shared his home tour which I featured on my site as well! They all kind of lead me to each other in a way…

So, because I have more ideas that I think you’ll love… I’ve spent a lot of time creating this new Registry Shop Pinterest board. I also added lots of pretty things we have and love to the new “My Apartment” board as well…

I hope this is all helpful! xx


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  1. I’m getting married in May so this was fun to read through! Zola also lets you register for things anywhere online, and you can choose to get the cash equivalent to purchase it yourself which is nice in case you change your mind 🙂 Hope that helps other brides too!

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