to make living
itself an art.

Since I was little, I’ve lived for the empowering feeling that sweeps me away when I’m inspired. My eyes endlessly seek out beauty in everyday life. I’ve always been a visual person and have had an enormous curiosity and enthusiasm for interiors, fashion, photography, and graphic design—all playing an equal role in how this blog came to be.

Growing up, I took over my mom’s Vogue collection and would clip out beautiful images and graphics and would save them to an ever-changing vision board. To this day my design style is hugely influenced by magazines. I moved my bedroom around on a weekly basis and had a knack for creating a space that brings me inspiration and joy. Graphic design and photography pulled at my heartstrings, too, which was the catalyst for my eventual shift to creating digitally.

I started online journaling in high school and had several blogs leading up to this site. After moving to San Francisco in 2010, I decided to start fresh. A very pivotal point in my life was unfolding and I felt inspired by all of the change and possibilities ahead as I navigated life in a new city and adulthood.

My former blog title { Brunch on Chestnut } was ideated to emulate a feel-good moment and highlight that life is about enjoyment. The conversations that come up over brunch on the weekend with friends; the noteworthy parts of life we like to marvel over with each other. Like the beginning, my content is very much centered around anything and everything I am excited to make note of and share.

After years of consistency and growth, my blog took on a life of its own and cultivated a readership of kindred readers from all over the world. I reached a point where I was able to leave behind my 9-5 job in 2016 to focus on creating full-time.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up in a career where all of my passions could coexist. I truly love what I do and feel lucky that I get to feed my curiosities for a living. I’m also eternally grateful for this incredibly supportive/funny/kind community that has helped shape this corner of the internet.

I just love the humans who read my blog! You inspire and motivate me daily, so thank you.

a few more things

I live in the East Bay of California with my husband (Matt), daughter (Grace), and our mini labradoodle (Scout). We bought out first home in fall ’20 and have been updating bits along the way and are planning a big kitchen and dining room renovation in ’22 (hopefully!). Loved my 11 years as a San Franciscan, but suburbia life is really speaking to me these days!

We make frequent trips to wine country, it’s our happy place and has become like a second home to us. We are wine club members at Scribe Winery, Papapietro Perry, Cuvaison, and Alpha Omega. They are all so special, highly recommend visiting if you’re nearby! I’m a pinot girl forever. I make note of my favorite bottles in my wine journal!

Alongside writing my blog, I launched a private community called The Studio In the spring of ’21. It’s an annual membership dedicated to helping you dial into your style, train your eye, and collect new ideas, tips, and special pieces that will uplift your life and home.

I’m endlessly inspired by European architecture and design—someday I hope to live in a French-meets-Spanish style home with spacious high ceilings, french doors, and lots of charm and character. Speaking of which, Paris is my favorite city on the planet.

I’m a Pisces to a T. Collector of unique glassware (obsessed with Italian Murano), design books, and antiques. I get a wild thrill from vintage sourcing. I’m inspired by editorial spreads, beautiful writing, exploring a new place for the first time, and fresh starts. I love my little family and sharing pieces of our life together.

Thank you for being here! It means the most. xx

two fun things to know…

On my menu bar, I have a wine journal where I share my favorite bottles and playlist where I share featured favorites from my Spotify library. I’m passionate about both so these will continue to grow!

when it comes to shopping and looking for products

I update my style and home shops regularly. I also have created a Pinterest board called Home Finds where I added items we own by room! I also share a lot of things on my Instagram story ‘home’ and ‘style’ highlights.

My blog is where I pour my heart into, but Instagram and Pinterest, are priorities, too, if you’d like to follow along!