Since I was young, I have lived for the empowering feeling that takes over me when inspiration strikes. My eyes endlessly seek out beauty in everyday life—an endless dance with curiosity.

I’ve always been a visual person and have had an enormous enthusiasm for interiors, fashion, and visual arts—all playing an equal role in how this blog came to be.

Growing up, I took over my mom's Vogue collection and would clip out beautiful images and graphics and would save them to an ever-changing vision board. To this day my design style is hugely influenced by magazines.

I moved my bedroom around on a weekly basis and felt my most true self come alive while creating a space that brings me joy. Graphic design and photography pulled at my heartstrings, too, which was the catalyst for my eventual shift to creating digitally.

I started online journaling in high school and had several blogs leading up to this space. After moving to San Francisco in 2010, I decided to start fresh. A very pivotal point in my life was unfolding and I felt inspired by all of the change and possibilities ahead as I navigated life in a new city and adulthood.

My former blog title { Brunch on Chestnut } was ideated to emulate a feel-good moment and highlight that life is about enjoyment. The conversations that come up over brunch on the weekend with friends; the noteworthy parts of life we like to marvel over with each other.

Like the beginning, my content is very much centered around anything and everything I am excited to make note of and share—and will always be for me.

After years of consistency and natural growth, my blog took on a life of its own and cultivated a readership of kindred readers from all over the world. I reached a point where I was  able to leave behind my 9-5 job in 2016 to focus on creating full-time.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up in a career where all of my passions could coexist. I truly love what I do and feel lucky that I get to feed my curiosities for a living. I’m also eternally grateful for this incredibly supportive/hilarious/kind community that has helped shape this corner of the internet.

I just love the humans who read my blog! You inspire and motivate me daily, so thank you. x

A few more things about me. . .

My husband, Matt, and I moved from San Francisco after buying our first home in the East Bay in fall ’20 and have been tackling home renovations slowly but surely! We have a daughter named, Grace, who was born June ’21 and a 6 year old labradoodle (our first child) named Scout!

I’m a textbook Pisces. Collector of unique glassware (obsessed with Italian Murano), design books, and antiques. I’m hugely influenced by European design and way of life. Red wine lover. I get a thrill from vintage sourcing. I’m inspired by beautiful writing, exploring a new place for the first time (and traveling in general!), and fresh starts.

This blog has served as a conduit for my personal growth—has been my guiding light, favorite outlet, therapist, and happy place for so long and I’m just grateful for it all.