I am the most alive when that electrifying feeling takes over when inspiration strikes. My eyes are always 'on clock', endlessly seeking out the details and beauty in everyday life.

I've always been a very visual person and have had an innate enthusiasm for interiors, fashion, and visual arts since I was young. Growing up, I discovered my mom’s Vogue collection and would spend hours clipping out captivating images and graphics and would save them to an always-evolving vision board. To this day my design style is very much so influenced by magazines.

I moved my bedroom around on a weekly basis—I loved the challenge of working with what I had and how even the most simple tweaks and changes can create such an impact. How the atmosphere was completely new, fresh, and different. I lived for it. And still do!

Graphic design and photography also pulled at my heartstrings, which was a catalyst for my eventual shift to creating digitally. I started online journaling in high school and had serval blogs leading up to this space. After moving to SF in 2010, I decided to start fresh. A very pivotal point in my life was unfolding and I felt inspired by all of the change and possibility ahead as I navigated a new life in the city. I always blogged for myself, but this site was when I started to be more open about it. And so it all began!

I’ve grown up blogging—and it’s truly helped carve my path and shape who I am. It’s allowed me to follow my curiosities, connect more deeply with myself, and fine-tune what it is that most lights me up. I'm grateful that my passion project and career collided and even more thankful to have cultivated the kindest community who surround me here. I feel very lucky, without them, I wouldn't be where I am now.

My husband and I both lived in SF for over a decade and bought our first home just over the bridge in Orinda in November 2020. We live here with our 2 year old daughter, Grace and 7 year old labradoodle, Scout. We have been slowly making home updates since we bought and are currently amidst the biggest renovation to date! A brand new kitchen and dining will be done by the end of 2023, so excited.

When I was in high school and my home life was in a bit of a disarray with my parent's divorce, I remember thinking to myself that someday I was going to create a dreamy, comforting, and inspiring home for my family. So that's where we are—what I'm calling my 'Martha Stewart era'. Celebrating a slower-paced life; designing our home, gardening, entertaining, cooking, growing a family—and of course—blogging and following the lead of what lights me up. x