All the Good Stuff from the Nordstrom Sale

12 July

It’s here… the three words you’ll be seeing, hearing, browsing for the next week or so. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Time to stock up on some pre-fall things. Today is the { early access } kick off, which means only cardholders can shop. The public access sale starts on July 20th and runs through August 5th!

TBH I always have a hard time shopping for a season ahead… it’s not always easy. However, future me always thanks me when I do get a few staples so when the weather starts to shift, I have a few things I’m excited about that I can layer with oldies. One thing that stood out to me while browsing this sale, was shoes! Such a good selection. I also can never have too many sweaters and jackets, even in the thick of summer… San Franciscan problems.

I scoured pages on pages of the sale this morning (like carpal tunnel level) and collected my favorites below. Happy Nordstrom day, friends!

A few notes about the sale–

Amazing leather jacket options! So many. Definitely grab one if you’re in need of a new one.
– Tons of FRAME jeans in the mix. Absolutely love this brand so am going to get a pair or two myself!
– Most of the shoes I really like are perfect for transitioning seasons…
Here’s a link to a filtered search with all of my top favorite brands in the sale!

My Top Picks

And some more…

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