When I’m Craving Apartment Styling Inspiration…

Whenever I’m needing some interior styling inspiration, I stalk DISC Interiors. One of my very favorites! They have the best taste. Every project they touch feels so inviting and relaxed, yet elegant and refined. I love the way they blend old with new, hard with soft, and formal with informal. Their portfolio is full of spaces that feel so fresh and cool–always my go-to to fuel up on new ideas before tackling my own projects.

Our new dresser has finally arrived, so all of the big pieces are filled in! I’m in decorating mode and excited to have the bedroom feel a bit more put together. I’m so looking forward to showing you guys soon! In the meantime, enjoy marveling over these stunning spaces…

“Our clients want a home that feels like them, but they also want us to inject something new into their lives, something they might not have thought of themselves. They don’t want a house that looks like everybody else’s.”

Really love how they always include unique wooden pieces of furniture like this console. This wall is so good. Also, my future home is going to have so many sconces. Can you imagine how chic this wall looks lit up at night?

This little desk setup below gives me major home office envy…

I love the style of this living room. Big french doors, sleek window treatment, warm neutral tones…

Those sconces are haunting me everywhere. I need them. NEED them!

Definitely taking notes on the counter styling (still fiddling with ours!). Also, another future home note. I am very into the idea of light counters but dark, decadent tiling. Yes, please. And let it be known… that if this was my kitchen, I would definitely keep artichokes stocked at all times… look how good those babies look!

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myda y.

i am going home to redo my apt. asap.
loving the neutral shades. i do follow a blue & white color scheme but love these pictures!