April Mood ’19

1 April


Life feels so full lately.

Between all the wedding love as we countdown to June and a calendar packed with plans and events leading up to it… it’s all starting to feel very real! Although there’s quite a bit left to do, I am feeling so calm, relaxed, and excited to soak in every moment.

We had our wedding tasting last week and omg… was that the best day ever. We picked the most delicious plates for our guests and I am so excited. I don’t think I will end up being the bride who doesn’t eat! We also helped ideate custom cocktails and picked out our cake! Following that dreamy day, my bridal shower was this weekend and it was the most lovely afternoon. My future sister-in-law and a few close friends planned it, and everything was just so sweet and thoughtful.

My friend’s home was repleting with spring flowers, favorite songs singing in the background, cheese and apps aplenty and an Aperol spritz and wine station. Blue skies and warm spring weather was the icing on the cake. Oh, and there was cake, too.

They interviewed Matt on camera and had him answer a bunch of questions, and had me answer before they played his response to the same questions, and it was hilarious/amazing/had us all teary-eyed by the end. Such a cute idea for any future brides out there! Such a special weekend I will never forget.

On my calendar

Backyard hangs. Sun-soaking when we can (hello rain all week, we met again). Lots of pilates (I’ve graduated from 2 classes a week to 3… because, go time). Wrapping up the final details of our wedding with Matt after work over the next few weeks. A few fun upcoming celebrations. My bachelorette is coming up at the end of the month, too! People are not kidding when they say wedding planning is a full-time job/state of mind. My eyes even gravitate to everything white and bride-y, even when I’m looking for things unrelated. It’s officially full-force…

Inspired by

I’m currently feeling so inspired and energized by warmer weather, golden light leaking through our open windows, the city around me buzzing with al fresco diners and rooftop sitters, and flowers blooming down every street.

Monthly mantra

Slow down, queue up a few good books, and enjoy every second of the beginning of spring and all that it has to offer.