Featured: my newest bag, Loewe
Smitten with this.

As of late, I have been out and about more often—a wedding, vacation, ladies night—and captured a few bags I have collected the past couple of years (it’s been a while since I did a bag edit!) and it inspired this post. I thought I would share some favorite styles with you. These are the kind of pieces that I feel are incredibly versatile, seasonally transitional, and have a long lasting love appeal…

Everyday bags


Fun outtings

This bag by Paco Rabanne is such a charmer! I love these one-offs that are a bit more fun, that also happen to work so well as a wear-with-everything piece. It’s so unique and special, one that I will be so excited to whip out and wear on the reg. To be honest, I am not opposed to raffia in the winter either, if you are wondering!

This Valentino is a new babe and I love her so much! I have such a thing for studs… I feel when done well, they add such whimsy to an outfit. For me, it’s all about balance. I’d wear this one with a very simple look, so that it is the statement of the outfit. Such a cutie for weddings, events, date nights, girls night out but just as enticing for errands or the grocery store when you just need your phone and wallet…

I’ve had my Khaite clutch for years now and it’s a forever favorite so had to include! xx

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May have to splurge on the Khaite clutch… I’ve loved it ever since you first posted it on IG.


Gosh. I just love your bag edits. I’m on the hunt for my perfect versatile bag and haven’t settled on one yet. But I do find these bag edits are my favorite and the most helpful for my own search because I always value your insight and opinions. I have consistently been a puzzle bag hater but I think you may have changed my opinion. Thank you, Ash xx


Okay wait! I actually ended up selling that one! I just didn’t feel 100% about it after a while and used others much more. Plus, I felt it should have been less expensive as the quality didn’t feel quite as high at the price tag! Just wanted to catch you before going for it!!