Remember late last year when I first got this dress and talked about my on-again, off-again relationship with leopard print? Well, I thought I would share an update! We’ve been going strong ever since. Convenient as it’s just about everywhere you look online right now and definitely going to stick around through F/W.

I must confess, I added another to my closet last night. A while back I was looking at Realisation Par daily, debating on a dress for a wedding, and noticed they had just launched this skirt. I talked myself out of it as 1) I needed a dress and 2) I already had my leopard DVF. Sometimes I can be so naively practical. I ended up kicking myself later when it sold out as you usually do when something sells like hotcakes. However, it was fortuitously replenished last night, so I had to do it. It is very well-loved around the globe as we’ve all seen on Instagram, which made me question hopping on the bandwagon TBH. But the thing is… animal prints are hard to master… and they mastered that skirt. The color, silhouette, size of the print–it’s impeccably done and therefore, a great staple for your closet. FOMO made me do it. 🙂

Since we are chatting cheetah, here are a few notes on how I like to style the bold pattern in a subtle, effortless way. I think it always looks better alongside very basic neutrals. My wrap dress looks less loud with a light wash denim jacket and my converse. For the skirt, I think teaming it with a black crew sweatshirt and a pair of sandals or boots would be so cute! Can’t wait to style it when it arrives and share more soon. Basic tees, light jackets or leather, and simple shoes are the way to go, in my opinion. A few things I’ve seen lately and love (like this dress)… below. xx, Ashley

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