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Worn, a favorite Australian clothing and home shop, sent a note out to their subscribers and I received it this morning. It was titled “on a personal note” which instantly captivated my attention. As I read, tears swelled up in my eyes. I have been hinting at similar feelings of confusion and needing some sort of change to happen, so reading through these thoughts that aligns so closely to mine gave me some comfort.

I sense a lot of us can agree with the Worn founder here, that the social landscape, in ways, is getting old. I’ve been doing a lot of personal deep diving trying to get to the bottom of how I want to navigate through these feelings. Being sick the last 2 weeks (and it’s still very much dominating me right now) has caused a bit of a setback, but this email inspired me to keep digging. And she’s right — I may not know exactly what this all means for me right now but it’s important for me to share these things with you and to keep my door open.



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Alyson Schreiber

Yes!! Thank you for sharing this. It’s absolutely how I feel as a consumer. So well said.

Of course! It really spoke to me on a day I needed to read it ❤️

Thank You for sharing this. It also brought tears to my eyes as it helps to know that I’m not alone! Thank you for constantly inspiring your followers <3

Aw, thank you! I appreciate your note. xx

aria1ne Wilson

Every day I tell myself that I am done with Instagram the “contemporary market place”- the goal (for me) is to buy less and live more. Live more for yourself and not for what can be shared on social media. None of it matters – I am getting there.
Endless happiness to you.