Home Tour: A Thoughtfully Curated and Collected Dream Home

21 October

Thank goodness for Tumblr, which always is a reliable source of major inspiration! I hadn’t come across a home tour in ages that struck me like this one. What a beautiful, charming, serene space! You can just feel its soul by browsing through these images. It’s perfect timing too as it aligns with my recent home tour walkthrough where I talked A LOT about curating a home that holds treasured pieces that you keep around forever. This home is the epitome of thoughtful and intentional design… it’s a collection of special things, that cohesively tie together and create the most captivating and cozy atmosphere.

I swear, each photo I could look at for a few minutes each. They are filled with inspiration, new ideas, and really made me so excited to work on our space a bit more this week. Start to game plan what I want to change, and start hunting down some vintage finds! Isn’t that the best feeling? When you come across an article that inspires you so deeply you want to take action immediately? I live for it.

Okay, so let’s walk through these captures and talk about the magic that happens in every single vignette!

Okay, besides the top featured photo, this is my absolute favorite! My heart just speeds up while I take it in. Absolutely love the combination of the rug, rattan chair, and that beautiful marble side table/stool.

In the top featured photo, I am in love with that chair. I feel like I am always keeping an eye out for something unique and charming like that to place on open walls or corners of our home. They make for the perfect vignette. By themselves, with books stacked on the seat, a lamp… never underestimate the power of a gorgeous accent chair!

DETAILS. The textures of this corner make me so happy. I love this rug (reminds me of Armadillo & Co., my favorite) and that marble side table… I can’t. Talk about a piece of art!

I love how they styled the vintage wooden bench against the wall in the other corner of the room, too. A place to display books and curiosities. Benches are equally essential to accent chairs if you ask me.

I love the simplicity of the bedroom. It’s my kind of vibe. Neutral, warm, and cozy.

Taking notes on this twisted side table (perfect corner of a room accent) and that stool and lamp combination…

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Home tour discovered via Tumblr, design by Nune

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