Things of Note | August ’17

8 August

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I rounded up a current list of favorites, so I wanted to catch up on a few things worth noting. I’m amidst updating my closet a bit (I’ve sifted through twice to minimize but still not satisfied so taking a stab at round three this week) and changing a few things around in our apartment. The theme is feeling the love for everything around, and donating or selling things that I’ve lost that connection with.

Top photo: me enjoying Porter Mag with coffee and a pretty new dining table– blissed out.

Lately, scrolling Apiece Apart is a weekly thing. This top is my second purchase and I just love how unique their designs are! I signed up for their newsletter to get notified about sales, and they’re actually having one today. I got both of my pieces for such a good deal. I’m looking forward to bringing this one with me to Tulum next month, a perfect bikini topper too. I also really love this and this on sale!

Our dining room is now my favorite room in our apartment. Between the new white paint (went with Farrow & Ball All White 2005) and our sleek dining table (via Candelabra…more on this soon), it feels so bright, airy, and cohesive. I’m actually thinking about doing another home tour soon since the last time we shared our place, 90% has changed. I’ve taken a more minimalist approach and am really enjoying living clutter-free!

And for those of you who follow along on Instagram stories and have noticed the sporadic apartment hunt…we’re keeping our eye out if something amazing comes along. I mentioned here how our building is a little too uptight with Scout, but beyond that, we are just ready for more space and even Matt is excited about the idea of change. 🙂

A few new things to share here! First of all, does anyone else (almost) cry of happiness when 2018 planners get released? There’s just something so exhilarating about an empty agenda and an inky pen. (anyone? anyone?) I love this one I picked up from Paper Source the other day! / I also just got this little olive oil plate from Williams-Sonoma. They have a few variations and I got two, one to actually use for olive oil and the other for a “catch-all-my-jewelry” tray for our bathroom. / Lastly, I am in love with this necklace from Azil, the chain is so beautiful and I don’t remember the last time I had a locket!

When Court and I were in Carmel, we stopped by this home goods shop that I mentioned here, called Beachwood Home and it was so pretty. A little pricey on most things my eyes led me towards, but this $100 gem really stood out to me and I had to have it. I really like the Oriental (with a modern twist) vibe and I love how it’s matte. We have a tradition that each trip, we bring something home for our tabletop/shelves (good one, huh?). This find I’m quite proud of.

I’m re-obsessed with Pinterest. It’s been so refreshing to spend time on it each day, especially Monday to get my creative juices flowing. It’s been inspiring autumn outfit ideas and home refreshes, a wish list full of items I genuinely want/need in my life, and photography as I gear up for a few big projects coming up. Follow along if you’d like here!

Hope you have a great day! x

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I love this!!!! 🙂

Aw, thank you, Melody!

Sarah Kahn

Thank you for this uplifting/inspirational post! Needed a smile on this overwhelming morning 🙂

Thanks lady! I still need to get back to your email… I haven’t forgot about you! Totally aligned with overwhelming, mines been a month or so though. Talk soon x

Sarah Kahn

Yes! why has this summer been so crazy/overwhelming!? Look forward to hearing back from you. Didn’t get a chance to reply to your “when in doubt, make change post” but wanted to let you know i LOVED it. I had a few ideas so will send you a separte email 🙂 Also…bought 2 of the necklaces you posted (one for me and the other for a girlfriends bday). Great find


Good stuff! Also love the theme of “feeling the love for everything around”!

Right? I totally believe in surrounding yourself with what makes you happy, in all aspects. 🙂


I lovelovelove your pinterest! I feel like I struggle to find good accounts to follow though…any recs?! I need to refresh my feed!! thank you! xx

Aw, thank you! I’ve been working on it/cleaning it up a bit so am glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

I get most of my pins from tumblr. Here are a handful of my favorites and a couple Pinterest accounts I love: (she’s my favorite blogger)

and a few current favorite Tumblrs:



thank you SO much!!!! and didn’t know you were on tumblr– following now! xx

Aw, of course! Oh yes, I do! I need to add to it a bit more, but here it is:

Do you use it a lot/discover blogs that way? I’m not as familiar with it, so just curious! x