DIY: Framed Kuba Cloth

9 October

Etsy is my (banks) kryptonite…

As you are well aware I live for a good Etsy hunt! I’ve collected some of my very favorite treasures from their marketplace. Not only does their treasure trove feel full of endless possibility and discoveries, it also has inspired me to get crafty.

I’ve DIY-ed a little side table (remember when I bought my black metal plant stand and topped it with a marble slab?), bought Italian tapestry fabric that I’m going to make into throw pillows soon, and most recently my Kuba Cloth artwork!

I don’t even know how I stumbled onto this shop (that’s the beauty of an Etsy rabbit hole), but as soon as I saw these, they reminded me so much of my framed piece from Anyon Atelier. This is my kind of art to hang on the wall… something rich with texture and character.

This was SO easy so I had to share! I went with a checkered pattern (in lieu of my future check floors obv) and bought this frame in the 8×10 option (25×25 total space) from Pottery Barn (a go-to for frames). My kuba cloth is about 24×24 so that frame worked perfectly for me… so keep the sizing in mind when you order!

Enjoy! x




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