Elevate the Mood ― ’90s Movie Marathon and Cozy Loungewear

11 April

Hi! How are we? Happy Saturday. So, earlier on in our new shelter in place way of life, my sister and I were reminiscing about our old favorite movies and how we should watch them together virtually! A week later, my friend Ashley sent me a cute article on Harpers Bazaar that rounded up blast-from-the-past films and paired them with wine and PJ’s and told me I should recreate it… and so here we are! I was v inspired by this. I mean, I’m sorry but movies from the ’90s are forever unmatched in my eyes. I am going full-in, revisiting all my old favorites.

This idea also inspired a new blog series called, Elevate the Mood! You know I love to create special experiences in daily life and as I mentioned here, it’s more important to me than ever. I have loved our conversations around making the most of daily life while at home, so these posts will serve as ideas on how to inject fun experiences into moments ahead.

First up… set a time to have a movie marathon, order pizza, pop some bubbly and indulge in ’90s nostalgia! Sharing my top five favorite movies from growing up (this was not easy!!!! so many) and cute lounge I’ve come across as of late…

And as always, you know where to find my go-to wines! x

Father of the Bride

Watched via iTunes movies, we bought because… necessary.

My very favorite from growing up! Matt and I watched this one today and let’s just say, precious toilet paper was sacrificed because the one gets me weeping every single time. Also, hilarious to watch this now and wonder, ‘OMG… did I get some of my style cues from this film?’! The Bank’s exterior is basically my dream –white house, black shutters (okay but who doesn’t want that?). Also, I was dying when George was seeing himself around the MacKenzie’s home… the European vibe, the archways, the coolie lampshades everywhere! Anyways, this was so cathartic to watch again… highly recommend it.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

you can watch via Hulu

I say a little prayer for youuuu! Oh gosh, this one is a high contender, too. I have seen this movie hundreds of time. This one is next up on my quarantine bucket list! Also, who else LOVED singing along to this movie?? The intro… the cutest.

10 Things I Hate About You

you can rent on a few apps

Enter my Joseph Gordon-Levitt love affair. lol! My sister and I were obsessed with this film, such a classic!!!

You’ve Got Mail

you can rent on Amazon Prime Video

This one brings back so many happy memories! I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. We grew up collecting movies in our house, this one was one of the top-watched for sure.


You can rent on Amazon Prime Video

And um, hello duh. I honestly don’t think I could live without Clueless in my life. I can recite every single line and proud of it, haha!



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