Does anyone else gravitate towards pieces almost identical to items you already own? I swear, every time I am on the hunt for something vibrant and new, I can’t help but reach for something that feels familiar. No matter how much I questioned my obsession with white, ruffle, ethereal-esk pieces, I couldn’t resist this top. As Matt would call them, my “chiquita banana” tops….

Intermix is currently having a flash sale so I got her for a bargain! I don’t know why everyone is having such amazing sales right now, but I will ask no questions and just share with you the good finds…

I brought home the top and these adorable Rag & Bone jeans. I’m 5’5 and was so happy that they hit me right in the perfect spot above my ankles. They have a perfect amount of stretch to stay true to form and flatter, and I love the hem details to mix things up. I couldn’t believe everything was an additional 40% to the already marked sale price, so had to share the news because there are some gems on sale and it seems like most are well in stock, too…

I paired my top with these stunning earrings from Tiffany & Co‘s new Hardward Collection. I mentioned them recently on Instagram– they are the most lightweight, beautiful earrings ever. The ethereal vibes lit up my afternoon with these two new pieces– light, feminine and romantic.

Intermix Sale Edit

thoughts, ideas, questions...

YES! Might need to purchase both 😀

The top is a must! I went up a size and got a Medium so it was a little flowier. It’s so pretty! It also comes with a white thin shell for underneath so you can wear it with that, or if you want to it to be a little sexier, you can do a pretty bralette. xx

Love love the white top! I am sure you get this question often, but what camera are you shooting with? Thanks love! Xo

Thank you!

This was from my Canon 5d Mark iii 🙂


Yes, the amount of times my friends are like that is SUCH an Emily top! Work what works! I need this though, do you have to wear a cami? LOL who wears camis anymore but I think you get me.

The first thing I did when I got home was remove the cami, but it’s definitely needed. Unless you have a really simple nude bra that is close to your skin tone. I am on the hunt for one of those now, because I prefer without as well!