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Apiece Apart has been a favorite of mine for many years now. And not just because their style aligns so well with my own, but the creativity and breath of fresh air the brand has brought into my life personally. I am forever inspired by those who have found their true calling and who are so dialed into their craft. Since discovering Apiece Apart, it was crystal clear to me that there was so much attention to detail and heart poured into every single thing they create.

I also sensed this kind of magic when I stumbled upon their blog many years ago—which made me love them even more. You may recall I’ve actually made note of their Apiece Apart Women stories many times over the years! They share the most incredible interviews with creative women all over the globe, in all walks of life—which goes to show how versatile and well-loved they are.

I just adore everything that they bring to life and I’m honored to be working with them and to share their latest f/w collection — so many beautiful pieces to treasure forever.

“We believe in two core ideas: beauty and simplicity.
Beauty to make days more joyful; simplicity to make days easier.”
—Founders and best friends, Laura and Starr, Apiece Apart

I feel like this top needs no introduction—my vibes to a tee! Just give me smock things forever and I will be happy. I loved pairing this beauty with a simple high waist knit skirt for happy hour with my husband in our backyard. This is the epitome of Apiece Apart, something so easy and beautiful to throw on that instantly elevates an outfit and mood…

Becoming a mom hasn’t changed my style at all to be honest—quality, comfort, and effortlessness have always been the goal and that will forever ring true for me. Leggings are on heavier rotation these days, though, but will team them with something a little more fun/elevated so that I feel like myself/don’t sacrifice my style! Case in point, an effortless jacket which makes me feel so much more put together. Not to mention this one in particular! You know my love of quilts… this lovely floral jacket feels like it was made for me. I am living in it for our daily walks!

This dress is just so sweet—more smocking, a ditsy floral print, a tie waist… it’s love.

Linking their full f/w collection here in case you’re interested in browsing! xx


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