The cold slap of fall

Good morning!

The cold slap of fall has arrived. Currently admiring the view of the rising sun finally making its way up at 7am over a golden leaf backdrop, through our frost edged windows.

I love turning on lamps in the mornings and layering on knits and slippers. Enjoying coffee in the office with Autumn jazz playing. Writing in my journal with a good candle burning. It’s such a mood—I live for immersing myself into seasonal rituals that feel indulgent. Fall is the one season where I happily welcome cold weather, darker mornings and nights, and hibernating at home.

I had a really lovely weekend. A girlfriend overnight in Sonoma on Friday and then Matt drove up with Grace and Scout on Saturday for a family day up there. It was beautiful in wine country… I feel like Sunday felt like the first true fall day. And waking up this morning confirmed that summer is officially over. So looking forward to soaking up the last bits of 2022 and the decadent vibes of the season.

Speaking of decadent, also had to share a snap of the beautiful Totême T Lock bag that arrived on Sunday. Such a beauty! I am done buying bags for a very long time—let the record show. But this one I have been waiting for since it was teased months ago… and she was worth the wait (and being excessive with handbags). She bumped up to the top in line of favorites quite fast… such a perfect everyday size. Can’t say enough good things if you’re in the market for a cute shoulder satchel. I added it on to my “bags I have in love” board, too, in case interested in witnessing my problem.

PS. I just wanted to share in case you missed it. I am bringing a new cadence to my blog each week so that you know when to come by! Posts will be going up every morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Some weeks there will have more that pop up on the in-between days, but for sure on MWF, so be sure to visit on those days! x


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