Jenni Kayne knit (code AshleyK15)
Velvet by Graham & Spenser jeans

As a quick side—if you are a member of my studio account, you saw my walkthrough of my wardrobe this week! Essentially, my closet’s theme is quality over quantity (unless we are talking denim jackets… I have a problem in that department). I started fresh with my wardrobe a handful of years ago and have slowly invested in quality, long-lasting pieces over time. I’m at a point now where I have a strong foundation and truly love every single thing I own. I know what styles and cuts work best for my body type, what brands and designers I can rely on—who have become lifelong mainstays, and am fully dialed into my personal style.

A little tip to achieve this assertive shopping direction! Start a secret Pinterest board and start collecting things that speak to you and continue to revisit your board, feel out what your closet really needs and decide what to invest in from there. Create a folder on your chrome browser bar and bookmark all your favorite designers to visit and collect seasonal inspiration and wish lists from. These rituals will help guide you to what you’re naturally drawn to! I promise you, a more thoughtful approach and investing in quality is worth it in the long-haul.

A bevy of beauties on my sweater shop on my blog and on my style shop Pinterest board! x