Awhile back I got a lovely surprise Le Labo Discovery Kit in the mail. I’ve seen the brand over and over again these past few years in magazines and on social media, so was excited to get to know them a bit better and find my favorite scent. I spent a day sifting through each one, trying to find which suited me best…Neroli 36! Sweet, but musky always for the win.

It was so fun visiting the shop in person, too – which I highly recommend you do if you are thinking about adding Le Labo to your collection in the future! The most delicious scent wafting through the air that leers you in is just the beginning. A moody atmosphere, testers galore, and being able to see the scent handmade was so fun and unique, too. Rachel customized my bottle to say Brunch on Chestnut, so I will be keeping this bottle forever. Love that touch! I snapped a few shots from the Pacific Heights location in San Francisco, such a beauty…


Which is your favorite? Would love to know!