A Podcast I Can’t Stop Listening To

30 January

Before I dish about a podcast you should 100% be tuning into, can we talk about the little tease of spring we’re having over here (west coasters)? Being able to sit outside in the sun was such a treat today! I mean, 73º and sunny in Sonoma this weekend? I know what I’ll be doing! I just love the energy that comes with the promise/hope of warmer temps and sunnier skies. It really does give me fuel when I need it most.

Okay, so let’s get to the good stuff, Oprah’s amazing podcast, Super Soul Conversations. I was sitting at the park this afternoon and decided to find an inspiring podcast to listen to while watching Scouty play. You know me and my affinity for positive/mindful thinking, so when I discovered Oprah had a podcast (that in itself is a no-brainer) where she interviews some of my absolute favorite writers, I dove right in. I’ve listened to 6 or so now, and they are all SO good! They’ve made me laugh, tear up, relate, and feel so incredibly inspired. It really is an amazing find, so if you haven’t already listened to them, I highly recommend.

My personal favorites so far have been: both interviews with Maya Angelou (couldn’t adore her more), Rainn Wilson (Dwight!), Gretchen Rubin, and Shawn Anchor. Enjoy!

“Happiness is the joy that we feel striving for our potential” –Shawn Anchor


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