Nesting For Baby Girl’s Arrival

1 year ago

The nest phase is so real…

I am getting so excited as our countdown ticks off day by day. We are in a really good place right now timing wise with preparation which feels so comforting. Birthing class this weekend, CPR class to follow, knocking out our book stack, and getting things organized and tidy around our home. We have collected all the essentials we’ll need for her, too! Since it’s been a big theme this week, I thought I would share ways in which I’ve started to prep our space and our overall game plan.

My mind is moving quickly these days, trying to get ahead and think of ways to help make life easier once she’s here, so I am sure more will come to me, but this is what I’ve got so far.

Diaper Stations

I bought a couple of these cute rope caddies to have diaper stations in a couple rooms in our house so we don’t have to run to her nursery each time she needs changed! One in our living room and the other in our bedroom. A place to store diapers, wipes, creams, extra pjs. I am sure these will evolve as I learn what works, but happy to have these ready to go since there will be diapers aplenty in our future!

Breastfeeding Gear

I am still trying to find a good white metal caddy with a handle for this stuff—if anyone has a suggestion, I am open ears! I want to have a place where I can keep my pump (I have a code in case anyone needs it, ashleykane15), a few other BF things, snacks, etc. in one place and is easy to lug around wherever I need to go.

Postpartum Healing Essentials and Comforts

Making a couple baskets of these items as well! A few examples: Frida mom things, Tucks, Soothing Gels.

Diaper Bag

I still need to get this one together but thought I would share some initial contents! A reader introduced me to Totesavvy earlier this winter and I’ve become such a fan. Love their organizational inserts, making for the perfect diaper bag addition or even a standalone piece in your car to serve as a caddy in a sense! I have their original style for our diaper bag and got the mini as well to keep in our car! I’ve always been a pouch/compartment girl—so having a lot of fun with these!

Hospital Bags

My plan this weekend is to start getting our hospital bags together. I’m 33 weeks this week, so still early, but again… peace of mind knowing that they will be there when we need them. I will do a separate post or IG story on this!

Food planning

This week, I’ve started to write down ideas for recipes / foods to freeze. Things like banana bread, muffins, a few dinners… to be honest, we don’t have a ton of space in our freeze, but will slowly accumulate a few things. My in-laws will be in town and helping us out, too, which will be so nice. I also went on Goodeggs and hearted a ton of things to make quick ordering a cinch! I love so many of their pre-made meals, too, which will be helpful.

A reader shared in this post that she had cheese plate fix-ins ready to go for those first few weeks at home… it was a fun late afternoon ritual her husband would put together and I loved that idea so going to do it, too!

Nursery Final Touches

All her laundry is done, dresser is organized, and all in all is put together! Just need to get window treatments in there (blackout, of course) and then it’ll be good to go!

Baby bath final touches

I also made a few designated drawers in our guest bath for baby girl’s bath gear, towels, wash cloths, etc.


That’s all for now… I am getting so excited! xx

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