For those who love opening up their homes to entertain or even a sweet “thank you” gift to bring this season for those throwing festive parties or hosting over the holidays…

And so it begins! Are we ready for all the holiday shopping? For some reason each year, I always want to start with the host. I LOVE gifting these sorts of things and have so many lovely ideas. I had a ladies night recently, and a newer friend who had never been over to my place before brought me an Aesop hand soap, and I just thought that was the sweetest gesture. It was in a cute burlap bag, and it smells so amazing. Having that on my kitchen counter now brightens my day, so something as simple as that can go a really long way. I also really like gifting one of my favorite bottles of wine, a pretty kitchen linen, or a candle. Something that is beautiful/delicious and will be enjoyed!

It always depends on *who* is it, but here are some of my favorite ideas… and the whole host & home gift shop here if you’d like some more ideas!


1. Wooden Cheese Board 2. Marble Cheese Board 3. Gold Sphere Wine Stopper 4. Pinot Noir Wine Glasses (these are our absolute favorite wine glasses) 5. Scribe Winery Pinot Noir (any of their wines would make a great gift!) 6. Aesop Resurrection Hand Soap (smells divine) 7. Ceramic White Vase (this is so beautiful but cheap!) 8. Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Candle (one of our wedding scents and will always be a top favorite of theirs) 9. U-shaped Candle and Holder (so great for some who is design-forward) 10. Linen Hand Towel 11. Byredo ‘Bohemia’ Candle (on my wish list!) 12. Orb Watering Can (chicest one ever?) 13. Marble Tray

See the rest!

thoughts, ideas, questions...