Some of my very favorites at the moment…

— You may know of my deep love of Cire Trudon’s Abd el Kader… well they just launched minis!

— Obsessed with these books by Sunday Suppers, insanely beautiful as expected, and so many new handy recipes to explore by season.

— I have this woven tote and I’ve repurposed it in so many ways… picnics, to hold blankets, and I currently use it as our laundry basket!

— I just got my first Astier De Villatte Candle (the ‘Alger’ is lovely) and love it.

— They also have some of my very favorite coffee table books… AD100, Live Beautiful, and Garden Chef to name a few…

& Some more things of note…


I love every single one of these pieces! Oh that I could buy them all.


Hi hi!
Any recommendations on cool tea & coffee accessories? I’d love to see your picks!!