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15 April


Let’s talk about the hardest-working section of our closets…

Good jeans, in all forms. Since I have been sharing some of my favorite denim jackets and jeans a lot lately, I wanted to round everything up together in one post and share my thought process when tracking down the good ones! I touched upon some of this in my recent personal style post but wanted to elaborate a little more on my absolute favorite essentials.

Let’s start with the trusted denim jacket… where the styling options are infinite. It’s why I have dedicated a small section of my closet to said versatile wonders (in several hues) because after finding one many years ago that was beyond every other jacket I’ve worn, it changed everything. I realized how much I reached to wear it. How it became a signature. *The powerful combo to look for is cut, color, and fabric.

As of lately, I’ve noticed that jean jacket styles have kicked into a higher gear around the web. There are pieces out there with the most beautiful cuts, furnishings, and softest denim. To me, jean jackets are a great investment because they only continue to get better with age. I have a few that are a little more on the pricey side, but with cost per wear, they totally end up worth it. I got my black Goldsign jacket on super sale though, so definitely bookmark favorites you find and keep an eye on them for sales (on retailers and the brand’s website). I cannot say enough good things about the Goldsign denim jackets. They are next level… lifetime keepers!

best of denim jackets

Agolde Charli Jacket | This one is my new everyday jacket, which I swapped out for my old GRLFRND denim jacket (just sold today on Depop… not going to lie, kind of sad but it’s going to a good home!) I just love the cut of this one and Agolde’s denim is always such high quality.

Goldsign Morton Jacket | Obsessed! I talked all about it earlier this year when I got it on sale for $200 and a lot of you told me you bought it then as well! It’s just beautiful, so I had to snag it in the color “pearl” when it recently launched for spring. I love how big the pockets are and the gold furnishing is so beautiful. You can just see and feel why this jacket is on the higher end, complete and utter quality. It’s a little piece of art!

Madewell Jacket | This one is more affordable, and is such a lovely jacket! I do wear my Charli jacket a bit more just because I love how it fits me, but this one I like when I want something slightly less oversized. It’s super soft and lays so nicely.

best of jeans

The few styles I have been wearing non-stop as of late that I know you’ll love, too. I am all about comfortable, flattering, and with a little bit of stretch… and these are all of the above.

Agolde Nico Jeans | I have them in embark (faves!) and Subdued. Make sure you order a whole size down! They are amazing. So comfortable and have stretch, and hit me right at the ankles (I’m 5’5).

Velvet Twiggy Jeans | These seem to be running out everywhere, so definitely stock up if they have your size left! I can’t say enough great things about them, they are definitely a top favorite over here. I am hoping they come out with a new similar style soon or even launch the Twiggy’s in new shades!

Everlane High Waist Cigarette Jeans | Love these jeans, as I mentioned here. And think it’s awesome there’s an option for regular length (for my taller friends) and an ankle option (which I what I get).

MIH Cult Cropped High Waist Jeans | These I have had for several years now and have posted them on here many times. They are still a favorite! I have lost a tiny bit of weight and so my regular 26’s are a tiny more roomy, so I have been thinking about ordering them in a 25 because the wash and fit are just amazing.

Jean short season

I LOVE jean shorts and skirts. It’s my outfit of choice on a hot day, they’re just so easy! However, it’s not as easy to find a perfect pair. I have a couple of recent purchases that I absolutely love and recommend, though…

& Other Stories Raw Hem Denim Shorts (I went up a size/they also come in white)

Agolde Parker jean shorts in “swapmeet” and “manifest” (true to size)

Citizen of Humanity Denim Skirt is so so cute.


xx Ashley

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Stephanie Teuscher

HI! Wondering what size you went with for the Agolde Charli denim jacket?

HI! Wondering what size you went with for the Agolde Charli denim jacket?

Hi Stephanie! I got a size small (my normal size usually) but could have done the XS, too! The jacket is def oversized, so depending on how you want it to fit, I think you could even go down a size and it’s still be oversized, just a little less roomy!