June has been treating us very well. We’ve been lucky with lots of sunshine and nice weather, have been focusing more on wedding venue shopping (a fantastic excuse to frequent wine country) and we’re looking forward to a few fun trips that kick off at the end of the month. I’ve been so relaxed and at ease and it feels good. Summer has a way of inspiring me to slow down, read, sun soak, and just enjoy every second of it while it’s here.

A few highlights as of late. Matt and I spent last weekend up at our wine club, which for several years now has been one of our most favorite ways to spend Saturday. A bottle and blanket on the hill while Scout runs freely, mostly begging others for their baguettes. It was such a fun afternoon, per usual. I just cannot get enough of wine country! Heaven. on. earth.

On Sunday we woke up and went to the Fort Mason farmer’s market for smoothie stuff and a few things to make breakfast. We’re obsessed with Hummus Heaven (kale and almond is everything) and the fresh bread spot right next to it. We got everything croissants and fried an egg for on top, it was pretty damn delicious. I had never heard of an everything croissant before, newest obsession! Go check out those two spots this Sunday if you’re a local.

I started a new book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, and it’s so good! You know my love of these kinds of books, and this one has such a different perspective. Really quick and interesting read, highly recommend. After our nice farmer’s market outing, breakfast, and an hour or two reading in the sun, we decided to watch a new documentary on Netflix. Holy addiction, The Staircase is a binger, to say the least. There’s no chance you can watch just one episode. We crushed through ten in one sitting, taking over the entire rest of our Sunday. Not even mad about it.



A bunch of people have asked about my sunglasses I posted on stories this weekend–they are my favorites! I discovered Jimmy Fairly while we were in Paris a few years ago, they have the cutest selection so finally got around to picking up a pair. These are also on my list, too!

While we are talking new purchases, I am so in love with my new Matteau suit. It’s definitely a splurge but 100% worth it… something I will keep forever and always feels so good wearing. The square neckline is so beautiful. I can’t wait to bring it up to Tahoe and pair it with a wrap skirt for pier bar rosé breaks!

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