Holiday Party Circuit—sorted

1 month ago

This year will be the first in what feels like ages since we will be attending a holiday shindig. I can’t wait! Matt’s company always hosts something very much OTT which is always a very fun excuse to get dressed up! Last year they rented out a football stadium to give you an idea of how extra I can get…

I’m sure if you have followed for a bit and are familiar with my wedding, you know I enjoy a glittery Gatsby moment! My style for the most part is all about the classics, but the 80’s child in me loves to inject sparkly statements here and there. Love me a PVC bedazzled shoe!

I’ve been saving a bunch from around the web so thought I would share my findings! Holiday party edit here xx


P.s. I mentioned recently how I am prioritizing LTK these days and adding exclusive content there each week so be sure to follow along! It’s a great app to easily reference items / heart them, etc. I am trying to save everything I mention on my blog and IG there, so hopefully it’s helpful.

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