Holiday Sparkle

2 years ago

Completely and utterly in a sequin state of mind right now. Between the holidays and planning wedding events (bachelorette to be specific) I have been saving sparkly numbers like it’s my job. But, to be fair… it kind of is. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago on stories how I fell for this new label called Retrofete (cutest name)… I need this for wedding.

I had to quickly share this amazing Zara skirt! My eyes love anything in the form of wraps–this also totally reminded me of a Nanushka silhouette, always a good thing. I only have a couple of holiday shindigs on the calendar, and I’m excited to reach for something sparkly when the time comes!

PS. I got this disco ball for an upcoming holiday home decor post, and I think we all need one in our lives. xx

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