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When Matt and I first moved into this apartment 2 years or so ago, I was on a big Everything But the House kick and stumbled upon a set of three crystal pieces and ordered them on the spot. One of them was my crystal ashtray which quickly became one of my favorite things! Over the years, I’ve gotten so many questions about it, but had no idea its story or the name―or that is was a massive icon in 1925. One of my readers eventually was able to track one down and shared with me the designer’s name (Orrefors) which unleashed a wildly exciting love affair (haha, appreciate it!).

Thanks to the magical world of Pinterest… things recently got juicier. I had saved a few ashtrays in the “My Apartment” board on Pinterest and since last week, Orrefors has been flooding my feed and it’s been beyond inspiring. Be still my heart, their lighting… is next. level. Their pieces are just so charming and distinct (especially when Carl Fagerlund joined their team and designed some of the most beautiful chandeliers I’ve seen… yes I stalked the company and know a thing or two now about their history lol).

I had to open up about this because they are just too special not to share. I found so many amazing things while stalking the webs and I *may have ordered something that I am dyingggggg to show you soon! I’m such a fan and I look forward to collecting more of their pieces throughout my life.

I realized that they are a Swedish company! Some of my most favorite things we’ve collected are by Danish designers (like Louise Roe and Hein Studio). I always joke and say I was French in another life due to my love of enchanting Parisienne architecture, but I could have very well been a Dane…

Orrefors Faves

{ A few keywords while browsing Etsy and eBay: Orrefors crystal, Orrefors crown bowl, Orrefors chandelier, Orrefors vase, Orrefors lamp/chandelier, Carl Fagerlund. }

Hejdå for now! xx


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