When it comes to finding the perfect rug, it has to truly speak to you and feel special. Rugs make such a statement and impact in a space, so it needs to be just right. The color story, pattern, size, source, and the pricepoint are all things to consider feeling 100% before making the move. I set some high standards this past year as I’ve casually browsed and finally, after a whole lot of time and patience, the hunt paid off! I am excited to share with you some things I look for, the styles I like, and a bevy of beauties I’ve come across as of late.

Like all things, I wanted to keep in mind versatility for my future. I wanted to find something with a color story that could work in several room options down the road in a house. For our bedroom, I wanted to maintain the neutral calming vibe but was hoping to inject some warmth and charm. This rug is a stunning combination of a warm beige/tan (almost a hint of peach in some areas) and a muted navy. I got it from this Turkish rug shop which has so many beautiful finds. And the owner was so so lovely to work with and shipping was quick!

I also love Linda’s Barn and another site I’ve been browsing a lot (as I am still looking for a vintage rug for our living room) is Kilim (so nice that they show Crayola crayons near the rug to show exactly what colors they include)! Trust me when I say you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a beautiful rug, you just have to be patient and really do your research. I like to create a private Pinterest board and save a ton as I go to review and hone in on which I gravitate towards the most. It’s super helpful to narrow things down.

Also, when you find a rug you really like, don’t hesitate to reach out to the seller and ask for additional photos, clarification on all colors, and how they cleaned the rug (ask them if it has any foul smells from the cleaning solutions). I always look to other reviews as well…

So, when it comes to my style preference, I like to search “Oushak muted neutral rug” or “Persian muted neutral rug”. I look for muted, faded rugs because I like styles where the patterns aren’t as loud. If you have any doubts, hold off. When you know, you know!

Here are some rugs I love


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