This home tour left me speechless. I have no words except maybe gimme. First of all, it is my goal in life to have a fireplace (working or not, beggars can’t be choosers). Second, it’s not often I come across someone’s home and love every single little corner. Home style is very personal so I will gravitate to a few silhouettes, but this one… me oh my, I just want it all. I am so smitten with the modern, vintage, and eclectic charm that takes the stage in each room of Elizabeth Damrich’s Charleston home. It is perfection and I want to see more!

The LIGHT itself. The windows, historic touches kept fresh, fireplaces, the minimalism, bright white and greenery, and do not even get me started on the porch. Have a scroll/sulk in home envy with me… because wow.

Is this not dreamy?

Photos by the very talented Ben Jack

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Yes! It’s so dreamy. Everything about it is perfection!

How does one find such a gem!? I immediately went to CL to search for a dreamy new apt… no luck. 🙂

Alexandra Donnelly

OMGGG this is amazing!! I would never leave the house if I lived there!

Amen. How do you find such a gem!?