Home Updates: New Desk Details

1 year ago

Oh hi!

So, I was going to just edit my initial office details post, but then realized… keeping the old post to reference and adding individual updates as they unfold make the most sense. Fun to see things evolve with time and… tbh this is just who I am! Always rearranging and fine-tuning spaces to feel just right. My home is an endless project and it makes me happy. So, here we are…

Basically, I’ve had a crush on baroque style pieces for ages and when I spotted mine a while back on a flea website, I had to have it. It ended up not being the best suited as a desk though. When I eyed measurements, the height was great, but the height of the drawers brought it down a bit leaving not a ton of leg room! I pulled it off for a while, but with pregnancy, it really proved to be not ideal. So! I decided to move it to the wall and use it as a library table. I knew no matter what I’d treasure this piece forever, and it’s fun to utilize it in new ways.

I always love a glass/acrylic table for small spaces as they allow for so much light and keep a room feeling fresh and airy. I love the balancing act of modern meets vintage, so thought a glass waterfall desk would compliment my baroque table and other vintage pieces throughout the room. I really love how it’s shaping up!

I actually have a couple more things to do in here, which I will share as I go. A new bench coming for the wall near the window, a new custom plaster chandelier, and I need to figure out the closet door situation. Right now I have curtains and I don’t love it… more to come soon.

In case you’re new around here or interested—I launched a new membership where I open up about my process with design, styling, and curating special pieces for you home. I share all the tricks up my sleeve with vintage hunting and sourcing in general, too. We dive deep into Etsy (lots of curated roundups!) and vintage shopping tips and tricks—a passion of mine that has been so fun to share through this new community I’ve created! Most of the little tabletop pieces in my office are vintage discoveries so thought I’d mention it!


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