Home Updates: Our Reimagined Foyer

Can’t even tell you how joyful I am right now! When Matt and I first bought our home, I pretty much described this exact table as what I envisioned for this space. You know my obsession with Spanish Baroque style tables… but didn’t end up finding one because you can only find antiques out there and they are usually crazy expensive. We ended up finding that smaller trestle table we have in our office, so gave the dining table dream a rest for the time being and let go.

Discovering this gem from Sixpenny was basically an answer to a prayer and such a jackpot moment. I am so in love!! The table is absolutely gorgeous in person and just such a treasure. We also got 2 of these chairs (and have a couple other ones from elsewhere on the way!). I wanted to mix and match to create a laidback yet elegant vibe.

So to go a bit more in to detail on to why I changed course for this space. We are renovating our kitchen next year and the room off of it will be the formal dining room. Since this current space is right when you walk in the door, I had the idea to create a foyer/library table. A place to work, happy hour, play board games. It felt a bit crowded before so this smaller table is just absolutely perfect.

HAD to share with you a vision board that I put together when we first moved in to show Matt what I was thinking. Funny how there actually is a foyer in this shot… subconsciously knew it would be the way to go… glad I finally got there. So happy!!!! x




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