Taste in Art: Hotel Magique

Earlier this year before we moved into our new apartment, I discovered Hotel Magique and fell amoureux (in love).

I felt alllll the feels when stumbling upon this shop for many reasons. The charm, the positivity (Tout Est Magique | everything is magic), the unique illustrations just make me happy. Plus, let’s be honest, if it’s made in Paris you can usually count me in. The first print we bought was the Tout Est Magique and it’s my favorite! I also have my eye on When Life Gives You Lemons for our kitchen and this print they have in collaboration with Sézane for our bedroom.

It’s been so nice to start fresh with our new place and take a more thoughtful approach and get to know my taste in art. Leading up to this move, we had so many prints that were collected over the years. I used to just buy cute pieces when I wanted to fill in our walls, but I realized when we were moving that an emotional connection was missing with most. I want to appreciate the things hanging on our walls. I want to feel inspired by an artist or collection and get to know the story. The new plan is to invest only in things that really speak to us.

I’m learning that I gravitate towards playful pieces. I enjoy abstract, lots of lines, vintage-inspired, architecture, still life, texture, and fun color stories. Another artist I really love right now is Luke Edward Hall. I discovered him in my Cabana magazine that recently came out. Maybe I will slowly share these art discoveries on here as we grow a little collection in our new place!

You just have to go with your gut when it comes to art. Hotel Magique had to be up on our walls. Are these not the cutest?!

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1. Je t’aime Magique 2. Tout Est Magique 3. When Life Gives You Lemons 4. Shell 5. Pink Palm Leaves 6. Continuous Magique 7. The Power of Magique 8. Hotel 9. Love, Peace, and Magique

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