How to Arrange Flowers, the Parisian Way

The French have a way of making chic look so easy. I will forever be a fan of their capsule wardrobes, enchantingly pretty homes,  admirable #DGAF attitude, but really it’s their overall effortlessness. I’ve been bookmarking floral arrangements for inspiration over the next few months, with holidays approaching and many nights of entertaining to come. Whenever I am marveling over a Paris apartment home tour (which is a lot, I stalk them), I notice the way they put their flowers together. It looks like they went out to their garden, snapped up a handful, threw them in a vase, added a couple leaves (that perfectly drape over) and boom. Masterpiece! A few things I’ve noted:

Pick a soft palette.

Instead of something loud and bright, reach for light pinks, lavender, greens, and maybe a pretty marigold or soft orange in the fall. I like the rustic/effortless/minimal look when it comes to mixing hues.

Keep texture in mind.

Always says yes to extra greenery when the florist is wrapping up your bouquet. Leaves add a different texture and a beautiful contrast. If you do want to have 2-3 different flowers, stay in the same color palette, but try and incorporate flowers that have different textures and shapes.

Embrace blushing bride.

Aptly named, this flower is very popular for weddings, but if you’re not a bride (hand raised) fear not, it’s also the perfect flower for a centerpiece. Whenever I see them I imagine them in a beautiful flat with high ceilings, french doors, and a spot right on a delicious marble mantle. They capture my attention, to say the least, I think the French would approve.

Keep it Simple.

When in doubt, pare down. Grab a handful of your favorite and maybe a few green stems to make it look a little more thoughtful, but I love the look of David Austin roses or a bunch of white peonies by themselves. Especially if it’s just going to sit on a mantle or tabletop, less is more. When you’re styling them, don’t try and make them look perfect, think loose and effortless. Do as the Parisiennes do! Undone, and perfectly imperfect.

Power of the Vase.

The French aren’t afraid of a big vase to show off their long stems! Think pedestal vases or tall cylinders.



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