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She dreams up the most beautiful, collected and calming spaces—some of my favorites include Father of the Bride, Something’s Gotta Give, The Parent Trap, and The Holiday… her taste is *a vibe*. We were staying at a family friend’s home recently that feels very Nancy and it inspired me to put this post together.

The Home Again set (actually written and directed by Nancy’s daughter, Hallie), particularly struck a chord with me. This was Hallie’s directing debut and it’s clear she learned a thing or two from her mom! I think you know by now that our hope is to own a Spanish style home, and this space was just the absolute dream. It reminded me a lot of one of my very favorite home tours—Amanda Peet’s house in LA. It was what planted the seed of the style of home I want for our family. Beautiful bones with history, European character, and layered with natural elements and beautiful textiles. And of course… all the lamps.

The key is texture, warm lived-in layers and natural elements. Creating a captivating color story through books, tabletop curiosities, textiles. The mix of antiques, jute and rattan, outside elements like flowers or a beautiful plant, and cozy lighting. It’s all in the details…

Listen to my new Nancy Meyers’ vibes playlist whilst scrolling! x

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  1. Thank you for this. I’ve had such a resurgence of the Nancy aesthetic in my life— maybe it’s more time spent at home. I recently watched the Parent Trap again and ‘screengrabbed’ as many of the interiors as possible for my future house mood board. Realizing that “lived-in” charm isn’t as effortless as it seems, but when it’s just right it’s magic!

    1. I love that! You’ve made me want to watch The Parent Trap… sounds like a perfect Monday night to me!

      Thanks for saying hello! Have a wonderful week ahead xx

  2. The other day I was looking for new dishes and telling my husband I wanted them to feel “Nancy Meyers-ish”. His response was a blank stare. So I began naming her movies and showing him pictures of the interiors (which he of course found riveting). And the very next day you posted this!. I felt so vindicated, lol!
    I love so many different tyoes of interiors , but any time I come back to her style it just feels so right for me. The layering, the textures, the mixed materials and especially the lighting all just create the perfect charm to me. Thanks for this post!

    1. That’s so funny! We are ALL needing that cozy home comfort right now. Also just really fun/necessary to surround yourself with things you love. Nancy knows best!!

      Thank you for saying hi, lady! x

  3. I love this Ashley! Nancy and now Hallie’s films are so inspiring and the interiors are one of my favourite parts. Always so cozy and warm, they really create a sense of place and make you feel at home in the story. Now I want to go watch one right now 🙂

    1. Right? They really do! When I was growing up, I had a friend whose mom is an interior designer and their house was straight out of a Nancy Meyers film… it was actually what led me to being so interested and inspired by interior design and how spaces can make you feel. I want to be that mom! haha

      Have a good rest of your day, Kendra! x

  4. I also fell deeply in love with the interiors from Home Again. I have watched the movie several times now with remote in hand so I can pause and study.

    What a fun and well researched post with so many great links! Thank you!

    1. I’m so sad!!! We saw our first open house yesterday and for a few reasons have to pass on it… but it was SO Nancy Meyers/Home Again vibes. That’s my goal, wish me luck!!!! ahhhh now I see why people say house hunting is a rollercoaster. One house down and my heart has already dropped lol.


  5. Ashley – just found your site, and this article! How cute and very inspiring! This article really sealed the deal for me though. There is something about Nancy and the vibe from her movies – millennial nostalgia, comfort, modern, airy? I love it. You totally nailed it! Working on daydreaming a “bump out” at our house in the coming year or so, this will help!

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