The Hugo Spritz, Mocktail Edition

As much as I’ve enjoyed my Pellegrino Limonata phase, I was ready to get inventive and create a mocktail version of my very favorite—the Hugo Spritz! And let me just tell you… I think I nailed it.

I was actually doing a bit of internet stalking for elderflower lemon cake recipes to make this weekend (have a major thing for elderflower), and one idea led to another and here we are! I found this elderflower syrup that sounded so delicious so I ordered it to try! Confirmed, it’s perfection.

Once you get your hands on that (mine arrived very quickly!), everything else is super easy…


sparkling water
splash or two of elderflower syrup (personal preference here!)
fresh mint
juice from 1 lime / garnish slice

Mix and enjoy!

Ta-ta limonata, it was lovely while it lasted. If you want the regular version, I shared the recipe last year here! x

Optic Wine Glasses (latest obsession)


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    1. I updated the recipe — thank you! It’s a bit more based on your flavor preferences… a splash or two is perfect. I do 2 big splashes as I like a little sweeter and love elderflower!

  1. I’m a little over 6 months pregnant and so tired of drinking water. This is the perfect solution and looks so yummy & refreshing!

  2. Yum! Love this & can’t wait to try! There’s a lemon elderflower soda at Trader Joe’s you may also like if you’re craving elderflower, I’ve used it for several delicious mocktails as well.

    1. Ow! So good to know—thank you for sharing! I need a Trader’s run, it’s been too long! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend xx

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