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Diving right into another Interior Talk post because it’s the perfect time to liven up and refresh our living space! I love answering these questions for you… it’s been so fun for me to think about things that I don’t usually dive deep into, it’s a pleasure to share my thoughts and perspective. I am an open book and am always so thrilled to see you implementing things I’ve shared into your own homes, so never hesitate to send a question my way!

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What’s your perspective with injecting accent colors/visuals when you love neutrals?

I like to begin with a pretty neutral foundation and build off of that. There are so many ways to tie in color/character! Rugs are where I like to start (I’ve had pretty neutral rugs in this apartment, but I’ve been itching for a beautiful vintage piece to bring some richness to the table).

I try and add initial contrast with furniture, like a burl wood accent table or reclaimed console. For more color, I look to coffee table books (I collect them and am always rearranging my stacks to play off a fun color story based on their covers), collections on display (like matchbooks, records, etc.), a bar cart can be packed with color (alcohol bottles, pretty bowl with limes, books, magazines, lamp, candles…), textiles, and last but not least (because this totally makes our space sing), plant life!


How do you go about curating items for your home while keeping in mind moving somewhere new in the future?

Love this question and it’s exactly where my mind is at right now. I have said this many times now, but last year when I started refreshing things around here and slowly swapping things out, I realized I wanted to love everything we own in our apartment. Since we have a small space and limited walls/areas for furniture, we don’t have that much. So I shifted my perspective to not only go about curating pieces we love, but also things that I know will work out in a future home.

For example. The new rug we just got. It’s a smaller, 3×6 rug and so before I bought it, I thought about how I could use this down the road in a bigger home. This could be amazing in the kitchen between a counter/island, in a laundry room, a hallway, a bathroom.

I am also looking to get a new media stand for under our floating TV. Our wall where our current stand sits isn’t that big (can fit something about 54″) and so I am not solely looking at media stands but dressers and cabinets as well. I found this really cute grasscloth dresser that I thought could be amazing down the road in a guest room or even a nursery. I am constantly trying to imagine ways of reinventing potential investments!


What style of art are you most drawn to?

I’m often asked about where to buy art prints, what to do with wall space, etc. I’m happy this question was sent in so I could take the time to think about it more and answer thoughtfully! This hasn’t been a focus for me really (beyond the few floral prints I have and love and my new coconut bead piece) because I’m still learning what I like in that department.

After thinking about this more though, I’ve realized that my idea of art comes in the form of insanely beautiful furniture and home accents. I also love using mirrors, something that’s super unique can bring light into your space and serve as a piece of artwork on your wall. I mainly look to beautiful lighting, accent chairs, and tabletop pieces to do the talking.


What are some of your favorite dining table styles right now?

I am actually on the hunt for a new dining table (I have loved ours but it’s so scratched and I am ready to find something that’ll hold up a bit better over time). Here are a few styles I really love… I’m looking for classic with a charming twist! Loving cool stone tables, marble, beautiful light wood…


How do you cultivate your personal interior style? Was it a journey? Or just intuitive?

It has been a journey! So much experimenting. My endless curiosity for interior design roots back to when I was 12 or so and would move my room around on a daily basis. That curiosity and desire to learn and try new things has been a constant in my life and the driver to my personal style. My style has evolved so much over the years as I have finetuned what *truly makes me happy and what feels most me.

My interior style is comfortable, lived-in, and collected with a nod to California ease and European charm and elegance. I love mixing timeless and elevated pieces with fun vintage finds. I am incredibly inspired by enchanting architecture and elevated details like crown molding, and curved archways. I am drawn to french design elements like big french doors, herringbone hardwood, dreamy marble fireplace mantles, and wall sconces throughout. I like homes that have a history. When a space feels grand and regal, yet so warm and cozy… that’s my happy place. We can create whatever atmosphere and vibe we want, so I say, why not set a mood that makes me feel like a queen?

It’s about balance, getting creative, and learning as you go. I answered a similar question in this post if you want more details…


I get sick of staring at my stuff. Do you experience that?

I 100% have felt this way! Just not as much as I used to. It’s why I have been on a mission this past year to ensure our space is full of things I genuinely love, that are meaningful and special.

This comes hand in hand with the last question! When I was in my mid-twenties, I impulsively bought things here and there that I liked to fill in a space and I don’t recommend going about it that way! Even if you just moved into a new home and it’s quite empty… take your time and be thoughtful with everything you collect. Save up to invest in a few things, visit flea markets and Etsy shops regularly to find gems for less. It’s all about balancing high and low purchases and prioritizing based on the things that really speak to you. Save everything you like to a pin-board and continue to review it over time and when things really stick with you and you can’t stop thinking about them… go for it.

Once you have a trained eye that speaks to your personal style, it’ll become way easier to know what will stand the test of time. Now, when I really love something… the more I look at it, the more I fall in love with it.


Can you expand your home picks shop?

I will work on this! I have been adding a ton to my new board on Pinterest called My Apartment and also the board Apartment List, but I will be sure to expand my Home Finds shop as well! Thank you for the feedback…


Where do you put home clutter that is necessary but not aesthetically pleasing to the eye?

We have to get real crafty with our apartment! Matt and I share a closet and we’ve reached max capacity with just our clothes/shoes (it’s the length of our room wall and there are two doors on both sides and so hard to access things in the center). We have a storage closet in our living room (the door always captured behind our couch, that people are always curious about, haha!) which has our coats, sporting goods, luggage, books, vacuum, etc. it’s nothing exciting, we call it our Monica Gellar closet. Our laundry room has 2 big cabinets, too, so a lot is in there. We also have so many boxes under our bed (I always save pretty boxes like Net-A-Porter and Jo Malone) where we store off-season things, shoes, cords and chargers, and one serves as my sock drawer lol.

My advice is to be choosy with what you’re storing (do you actually *need all of it?) and crafty with where and how you store things. When you do need to store out in the open, hunt down a cute lidded basket, or little accent or console tables that can serve as a pretty vignette but also store some things! A few cute storage bins…


How did you go about putting a vignette together from scratch?

The beautiful thing about vignettes is that there are no rules and you can be as creative as you’d like! Every little space and nook is different, too, so the more “random” or unique the area is where you’re thinking about bringing to life, the better! Vignettes can be super simple (a statement piece alone, like a beautiful accent chair or mirror) or it can be a handful of accents that have collected over time and are uniquely cohesive together. Think of it as a way to put a spotlight on really special pieces that are almost like a little piece of art.

I did a whole post on the topic here, actually! And you know what’s funny… the vignette I have in the featured image, I really don’t like that looking back. It’s all about experimenting and moving things around and seeing what strikes you visually! Keep trying new styling until it looks 100% to you.

Within that post, I also have lots of inspiring images to get ideas flowing…


Can you share a few of your favorite recent ETSY finds?

I have an Etsy Edit coming right up, but I would be happy to share a handful of gems. Including the rug shop where I just got my nw dining room rug. 🙂 xx


What are a few of your biggest home comforts?

Ow good question! Candles are a huge part of my daily home rituals, they evoke so much comfort and happiness! I shared some of my very favorite candles here! I also love good ambiance. Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with really warm, dim lighting. And florals and greens make my place feel so home-y, too.




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