Interior Talk ― No.6

4 weeks ago

Interior Talk is a monthly conversation about home design, vintage hunting tips, styling notes and ideas, and creating a space you love to live in…


What home good styles are inspiring you lately?

I thought I would kick off with this nice question. And to paint a better picture, I’ll share a bunch of photos that are making me happy as of late above (via Counter Space LA because I am obsessed with wicker chairs forever) and a few more things below). (:


How do you imagine what something will look like before committing and buying?

This is a great question! If it’s a bigger ticket item, I will mock up the room in photoshop. Another way to feel something out (just in terms of the style/color/vibe of the pieces aligning cohesively), is to create a Pinterest board and pin all the items in your space to see how they all look collectively.

If it’s something small, like a textile, etc. or you are thinking about injecting some color, grab something from your closet that’s a similar vibe and hue (learned this from Kelly Wearstler) to see if the look is what you imagined. Take some time to really think about it and if you have any doubt, hold off!


What search words do you use for your eBay and Etsy finds?

I started a new series recently called Vintage Hunt where I have shared favorite findings and keywords I use and will continue to share these posts regularly! When it comes to cultivating this list, I kind of fall down Etsy and eBay rabbit holes. I will find a beautiful vintage piece based on a designer I love, and from there I will explore the shop it belongs to or browse similar options and I always end up discovering new designers this way, too. With time, you get better and better at seeking out the gems.


How should you prioritize saving vs. splurging when moving into a new home? Any tips on cultivating a collection of things you love, while thinking about a budget?

I think its most important to do things slowly and do them well. One thing I feel strongly about (and have definitely learned the hard way through trial and error) is to never buy something just for the sake of filling in a space. You don’t need *that much* stuff, so why not cherish each and every piece? I’m feeling this perspective more than ever, even down to my Q-tip holder… make the details count!

In terms of saving vs. splurging, I don’t see collecting things for my home as a checklist, rather a process. I could find an insane vintage chair for a fraction of what it’s worth, yet splurge on a pressed glass dish. I find myself striking a balance of smaller vintage scores here and there, and holding out for something truly incredible that crosses my path, and allowing myself to splurge in those occasional moments because I know I will love/have it forever.

Make a dream home wish list and slowly prioritize as you go.


Tips for short term renters who are limited in decorating (I.e. no holes in the wall or curtains hung)?

Plants! I always say they breathe life into a room. Beautiful lamps which also create different levels of light. Also, put your money towards things you like to collect, like beautiful vases or books. Something you can set out on display, which draws the eye and adds charm, dimension, color, and/or a unique and personal touch. Matt and I are saving up and plan to (hopefully) buy a house next year, so I am looking at our current space as a place to collect things for our future home. I can’t do all the things I want to do, but I can make the most of it by surrounding myself with special things that bring me joy. And when we do move, I will be excited about packing every single little thing.


Any tips on getting your significant other to get on board with your interior vision?

Haha – so many people sent in this one!

So, every situation is different. I have some friends where their partner doesn’t care at all and some that do care quite a lot! Matt is a bit in the middle, he will have a very strong opinion every once in a blue moon (always something so random, too, lol) but other times will let me lead. He also knows how much I love designing our space, so I think I have a lucky hand here.

Matt is my soundboard a lot of the time, so I am always showing him beautifully designed rooms and homes, and so I’ve gotten a feel for what he likes and usually will consult him with new ideas/pieces. Browse a design book or Pinterest inspiration together and see what you align on! One thing I have noticed is that context is key. If I show Matt a room with a beautiful light fixture I’m thinking about and give him examples of the vibe vs. just showing him the product page of the fixture, it really makes a difference to see the visual!


What does your dream home look like?

Matt loves Spanish style homes, so it would be mission style, but full of French and Italian charm injected, too (my wishes… see, compromise!). French doors, high ceilings, archways throughout (obsessed with their charm and softness!), unique tiles, and parquet or herringbone oak floors. I want a home that’s rich with history, texture, and soul… and a beautiful backyard. So basically we’re gonna have to find a fixer-upper. #specific


What advice can you share on blending a bunch of different styles and making a space feel cohesive?

Blending styles is the only way to go! I think the key is to not go too far one way. I like to strike a balance, like mixing midcentury with something more modern. It’s about juxtaposing and creating a happy harmony with the pieces you put together. I also just think that if you love everything surrounding you and it makes you happy, then it’s perfect.


What is the vibe you strive for with your home?

I like a dreamy, calming space that’s cozy and welcoming! I strive for our home to be a collection of things we love that are charming and visually striking. I treasure the quality, timeless, and unique things and plan to continue to collect special vintage treasures and custom pieces for our current apartment and future home.


Can you walk us through where to find your saved home favorites again?

I just built out a home goods shop earlier this month! I also save things regularly to Pinterest on My Apartment board, which is broken into categories by room and a few curated boards too (like my glassware collection and coffee table books!). And lastly, I usually save things to my Apartment highlight on IG, but if you’re ever struggling to find something, never hesitate to reach out!


A few favorite recent purchases?

I have been thinking of ways to inject material I love into our rental and stumbled upon these limestone coasters and love them! I scored a vintage Kalmar Murano sconce that’s arriving this week which I will happily be showing you soon!! We got these adorable disc pillows for our bedroom, obsessed! Lastly, I just got this Ateliers AM book, I had their other one and they are by far my favorite coffee table books. Insanely inspiring.

I’ve been on a serious Murano kick for quite a while now, but things are escalating.  Source via

Obsessed with ceramic lamps as of late with a Stephen Antonson vibe | Source: Danny Kaplan

And more rattan because I can’t get enough. via Counter Space