Introducing—beauty now at Shopbop!

Morning! Super excited to share that Shopbop launched beauty today! So pleased as they house many of my favorite skincare and makeup labels. I immediately think—quick shipping! Which is crucial when you reach empty on your daily go-tos.

As you may have heard me mention, I have taken a bit of a hiatus the last couple of years sharing my beauty favorites. Namely because pregnancy and (more so) postpartum. The past year my skin has been through a lot! But luckily, it’s seemingly back to normal and I’ve been so happy to get back into it.

I usually like to share my seasonal routine — am/pm skincare rituals and then every so often I will list some favorite/mainstay makeup bag things. I will be sure to share my fall beauty regime soon, but for the time being, wanted to make note of products that I adore below that you can now shop on Shopbop! x




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