I’ve got sunshine

Morning! The sun is out after a big storm this past week and as it always does—it's giving me life. I shared a few of these things with you on stories today and wanted to put this little cheery roundup together to boost the mood and get us excited to start spring shopping! Honestly, it has been a rough week. I go through stints where I feel super empowered—work out every day, find ways to eat as healthy as possible, and stay busy during this renovation.

And then there are weeks where I simply don't feel strong enough to live up to the potential I'd like. As an introvert and someone who runs their business from home, it has been a challenge. And honestly, I am not really able to move about as I usually do, snapping photos, sharing snippet of what is inspiring me—and very importantly having quiet time to myself. We connected with our contractor yesterday who gave us a timing update. We've made some big strides, but we won't be fully done until March now. Praying by my birthday (March 7!).

By next weekend, most of the house will feel great—paper removed from floors, all casings done, all walls painted. Our living room will be livable again and 90% completed (aside from custom curtains arriving end of the month and the marble fireplace mantle). Monday we have templating for all counters (which then takes 10 or so days to cut and deliver)... and then we have another round of templating to do for backsplash (I got round outlets—high maintenance choice by moi apparently causing delays, what's new!). But, still—so close to feeling fresh, dazzling, inspiring vibes over here. I need it!!!! WE NEED IT!

The sunshine is definitely helping... as is stress shopping. By the way, Moda has the most fun stuff right now which inspired me to put this together. They do such a good job every spring! Okay, everyone say a prayer I have a fully done, new kitchen for my bday so we can all enjoy her finally.

in the meantime, give me all the starburst things

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