It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day! And I’m feelin’ good.

Health and energy have entered the building! It’s the simple things in life, right? I’m throwing a welcome home party over here and not taking these good feels back for granted!

A memory popped up in my mind today that I wanted to share with you…

Back in San Francisco, we had the most incredibly kind UPS delivery man. You may remember me mentioning him in the past, his name is Matt. Every time I saw him (which… was a lot) he always brightened my day. Simply because of his infectiously happy and warm presence. Never without a big smile (even after hauling heavy boxes up our apartment building stairs) — and a positive attitude. I would even spot him out on the street waving and chatting to others who also called him by name. Just a joyful human!!

There was a day when something bad happened in the world, and we had a quick chat about it. He said something to me that I will never forget. “Life can be simple—people overcomplicate things”. “Simplify and life becomes lighter”. I really love this sentiment. Perspective is everything.

I am guilty of overcomplicating/allowing things to compound these last few months. Being a parent is hard! Especially whilst trying to spend time on myself and run my business. I am still figuring it out. That said, I live for these reminders that help you find your way back to a grounded place. An equilibrium. Operation simplify has begun!

Also dressing how I want to feel today: simple, light and ok—a little sparkly, too :). These are some of my favorite pieces, all so versatile, special, and well-loved/worn. x

Earrings | Sophie Buhai
Linen Top | Suzie Kondi
Belt | Khaite
Shorts | Agolde


thoughts, ideas, questions...

I love this sentiment so much! I too am guilty of over complicating things (both at work and in my personal life) and then get frustrated when things don’t go 100% the way I expect them to. This is a great reminder to step back and say, is it good enough? Not everything needs to be perfect. Sometimes it’s just about getting it done and not letting perfection Get in the way of progress.

10000%! It is wild how we can really get into this mental spiral and then all of a sudden something clicks. Really trying to hold on to this thought and continue to iron out all the unnecessary wrinkles I have been causing the last handful of months. Simplify, simplify, simplify. xx