Keys to a Quality Instagram Feed

7 July

Instagram is a beast these days, but there are a few important things to keep in mind with the content you’re creating to share on your feed. I thought I would give you a little insight into my process since I often times receive emails about tools and editing tips. So here we go!

The keys to a really good feed

Storytelling through imagery

I used to be super particular about how my feed looks and the cohesive story it tells at a glance. Things have changed on the gram, so just remember, it’s not about how everything looks together, it’s about the quality ans value in each photo and the story it tells individually.

Angles and aspects

Whenever I see a photo opportunity, I try and shoot in a  few different angles to see which looks best in terms of lighting, etc. Sometimes it’s surprising how certain angles turn out and look against your quilt. I try and keep things cohesive, but also make sure that some shots are close up, some are further away (like landscapes and buildings), and then some interesting angled shots. My tip is to try and be as unique as you can be!


This goes hand in hand with the above – keeping things balanced is important. If I have wine in a couple of photos (guilty as charged most days), I try and skip those shots for awhile – you guys get it, I love wine. Think about the topics your feed often shares and space them out so it’s well rounded. For me, I like to mix up style, dining, interior design, getaways, and inspiring photos. I personally like to keep things crisp and fresh but will add a darker, decadent photo or pop of color every few posts to make things interesting.


*First of all, one tip that’s super basic but good to know – be sure to use the lighting tool on your iPhone. When you have your camera open, lightly hold down on the screen – you will see a sunshine pop up and you can adjust (up and down) with the lighting. I actually didn’t know about this for awhile, and it makes a worlds difference. Lighting is absolute key with photography, so always keep that in mind when capturing moments. The best times of day to shoot are early mornings and golden hour.


I always open snapseed first when editing photos. It’s pretty much lightroom on your phone. I mostly use the brightening tool, highlight, shadow, and saturation to get the image to be clear and ready for some filter editing. If you’re new to this, play around on this app a bit to get familiar – it’s a life changer!


I go here from time to time to make an image pop. I’m sure you know, these filters were created by professional photographers, and it’s easy to adjust how much of the filter you’d like on your photos. I use this a bit less than I used to, but as we head into fall, I will probably ramp VSCO up a bit more for those decadent shots.

A Color Story

I love using this app on bright and airy images. It’s very similar to VSCO. If I take a photo of lemonade with lemons on a marble slab, I will 100% use this app because the filters make colors against light backdrops pop so perfectly.

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