Latest Obsession: Tamsin Johnson Interior Design

I stumbled upon Tamsin Johnson yesterday, a Syndey based interior designer, and wow! New fan over here. I scrolled through her goldmine portfolio while sipping my coffee, and took notes on some pretty epic styling ideas. How amazing are these photos! I am such a fan of her eclectic style– mixing vintage, modern, and a little bohemian flair. I love it all. Everything is so clean and fresh– charming and captivating. Take note of all the tiles and texture, color stories, table-toppers, and greenery!

She’s also designed tons of commercial space throughout Australia and a few shops in the US as well. How adorable is the Lucy Folk in Bondi Beach and Rae’s Hotel in Byron Bay? I die. I started following her on Instagram, too for inspiration aplenty… and what the cute, her baby is a real-life doll. x

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