Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco

8 March

Leo’s Oyster Bar is by far the most Instagram-able restaurant I’ve been to in San Francisco. If you guys know me by nature, palm leaves ALWAYS have me at hello. They recently opened in the heart of the Financial District, right next door to Wayfare Tavern. I made a visit last week and knew before walking in it was going to be a treat. Leo’s is a sister restaurant to Park Tavern, my absolute favorite brunch spot (and anytime, really) which I mentioned previously here and here. I’ve had the honor of meeting the owner, Anna, and am so inspired by her “Fempire” of awesome restaurants and how each experience (Park Tavern, Marlowe, The Cavalier), is impeccable from the food to the service to the decor. The food and drinks were fantastic, and every person who walked in, eyes lit up at the beauty surrounding them. It’s clearly going to be a favorite from here on out. Tip: order the Island Girl cocktail and the french fries!

Leo's SF

I had a reader reach out recently who was making a first-time visit to SF and asked me for a list of my recommendations on where she should go, so I wanted to share a few resources with you if you’re ever needing a few ideas! First of all, in my nav bar under ‘Travel’, there’s a city guide that drops down, it’s where I document my favorite places. I also always suggest friends and readers check out this website (or their travel app). Stay is a free social city guide, curated by locals, where you can find recommended hotels, shops, museums, cafés – really anything you might be interested in checking out when in a new city (or even just wanting to discover a few new places to try in your own hood). I actually made a weekend to-do list awhile back here (of course, Park Tavern is in there). It’s an amazing resource so had to share.

I love experiencing new places and hope this helps you to enjoy your time in San Francisco! x



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